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Global Herbs Magcalm

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The Ultimate Magnesium Calmer for Horses. MagCalm is a unique, calming food supplement based on easily absorbable complex chelated (protein-bound) magnesium for horses. It's a great source of magnesium and an effective calming supplement. It helps muscles work more effectively and promotes calmer equine behaviour Magnesium deficiencies are common in horses, so adding it to their daily feed can be of great benefit. At times of the year when there are fireworks or in particularly nervous individuals, magnesium supplements are a very effective calmer. Magnesiumis known to help maintain healthy muscles, calm behaviour, and soothe nerves. Suitable for all horses and ponies. Benefits of magnesium for horses 

    • Great for nervous horses


    • Chelated which means the optimal rate of magnesium absorption


    • Maintains Normal Muscle Function


    • Supports nerve function


    • Encourages calm behaviour


    • An important part of hundreds of bodily and neural functions


Hay, Soyabean Meal, Horseradish, Magnesium Glycinate, Calcium Carbonate.

Feed a 1 x 25ml level scoop twice daily for an average horse of 500kg of body weight to get their recommended daily dose. Reduce to half this amount for maintenance levels. MagCalm can be fed throughout the year and to keep magnesium blood levels high, feed daily and consistently. What is chelated magnesium? There are many forms of magnesium compounds and chelated is a much more digestible form due to its bioavailability, which is why it's used in MagCalm. Other less effective forms include magnesium sulfate and magnesium Oxide. This is because magnesium is bound to something that aids its digestion. In this instance, it's magnesium glycinate and combined with soya bean meal meaning that it's a supplement that can be absorbed by your horse. To increase absorption, Magcalm uses herbs with the magnesium content. Why is magnesium supplementation good for horses? Magnesium calmers can be great for horses. In a time where they might not receive high enough levels of magnesium from their diet, it's a great way to optimise this and feel the benefits. As well as being great for treating nervousness in particularly anxious horses ones that display difficult behaviour, magnesium is used by the body in many hundreds of different processes and is very important for general health, the same is true for humans.