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Hercules Boredom / Play Treat Balls

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Hercules Boredom / Play Treat Balls

  • Tough roto moulded plastic construction
  • UV stable for outdoor use
  • Different colours to choose from
  • 6lt volume
  • 9” diameter face to face

Keep horses occupied during their stay in either the stables or
the paddock with this tough rotational moulded polyethylene
plastic kick ball toy. Being an icosahedron polyhedron, it evokes
strength and durability which are essential qualities when
dealing with horses. The feeder can be kicked or rolled around
the stable and paddock, releasing small food and treats. Horses
have to be stabled for many reasons but keeping them interested
in something can be a good distraction from stable vices and
becoming agitated during long periods. The toy can take small
treats or pellet feeds.