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The perfect companion for stressful situations, Calmmunch by its high fibre nature will help keep your horse occupied with its delicious timothy hay, while providing magnesium, B vitamins, camomile, hops and vervain to support calm behaviour.

What inspired this Calmmunch fibre block?

As a company focused on the horses’ wellbeing, we thought it was only right to look at the mental and nutritional wellbeing of our equine friends too!

What is in Calmmunch?

Made with only the best ingredients, our Calmmunch fibre blocks are made from timothy hay. Fortified with carefully selected ingredients which are well known for their calming properties.

Camomile – traditionally used to help with nervous tension and support digestion
Hops – traditionally used for restlessness or excitability
Vervain – normally used within times of stress & anxiousness
Timothy Hay – naturally high in fibre and low in sugar, and super tasty!

Who is it for?

While all horses can enjoy a Calmmunch block due to its high fibre and low sugar content, it may be of most benefit to:

  • Horses who are nervous or anxious
  • During stressful situations – change of routine, yard, farrier, etc
  • When travelling
  • At competitions
  • Horses on box rest
  • As a distraction when companions go out

Ways to feed Calmmunch fibre blocks.

There is no right or wrong way, it’s whatever works for your horse.

As most horses are keen to try gobble it down, feeding Calmmunch in a specialised munch net can help slow down those eager feeders. You can also place it in the middle of their normal haynet so they spend time trying to hunt down the tasty treat!

For oldies whose teeth don’t quite do as well as they used to, or all horses in the winter, soaking the munch block will see it evolve into a warm, tasty bowl full of delicious goodness, right in front of your eyes!

It can of course be fed in the field or stable on its own on the ground or in a bowl. The highly compressed nature of the block will naturally slow eating down and act as a boredom breaker too!