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Jointed Pelham

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The Jointed Pelham from Korsteel works mainly on the horse's poll, tongue, the bars of the mouth, the palate and the chin groove isf a curb chain is used. The tightness of the curb chain has a direct affect on how much pressure is applied to the chin groove - the looser the curb chain, the less pressure that is applied to the chin groove.

This bit is designed to be used with two reins - one rein on the 'snaffle' or 'bradoon' ring, and another rein on the 'curb' ring. The pelham is very popular in the showring for children's ponies, as it teaches the children to ride with two reins without having to use a double bridle. This bit can also be used with roundings, which allows it to be used with just one rein. It is widely used in eventing and showjumping as an alternative to a gag bit.