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Keyflow Golden Oldies 15kg

Keyflow Golden Oldies 15kg

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Developed specifically for the older horse, Keyflow Golden Oldies is a unique balancer mash for veteran horses and ponies.

A scientifically advanced, comprehensive balancer mash, Keyflow Golden Oldies is created using the highest quality, concentrated ingredients, promoting exceptional health, vitality and condition by caring for the ageing equine's unique nutritional requirements.

  • A delicious, golden, easy soak mash
  • Comprehansive feed balancer
  • With DHA Omega 3, Turmeric and Protexin
  • Contains a full spec of vitamins and chelated minerals
  • For horses and ponies aged 15yrs +
  • Ideal for horses with poor teeth
  • Low in stach and sugar

Keyflow Golden Oldies contains sophisticated, scientifically profiled amino acids to combat muscle wastage whilst providing support for joint mobility, muscle suppleness and gut health – as well as promoting optimal function of the immune, circulatory and respiratory systems. Golden Oldies includes unique ingredients scientifically proven to help manage symptoms of arthritis. This delicious, quick soak mash is ideal for horses with poor dentition and forms a premium, comprehensive nutrient base for any veteran horse or pony.

Golden Oldies can be fed all year round. For best results combine with a high quality fibre source such as Keyflow Pink Mash or a quality chopped fibre. If extra condition or energy is needed add Keyflow Key-Plus.

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