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Keyflow Key3 Oil

Keyflow Key3 Oil

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  • Direct source of Omega 3 DHA & EPA for horses and ponies
  • Helps maintain the critical ratio of omega 3 & omega 6 fatty acids minimising inflammatory responses and supporting good health and performance
  • More advanced and effective method of supplementing omega 3 into your horses diet

Benefits by horse type:

  • General and maintenance - Benefits horses with risk of skin irritation
  • Performance and race horses- May increase red blood cell flexibility known to enhance oxygen delivery supplements with a high DHA content have been shown to help lower heart rates during exercise. Enhanced blood circulation and reduced inflammatory reponses may benefit the respiratory system
  • Stallions at stud: Supplements with high DHA content have contributed to improve mobility in chilled and frozen semen
  • Aged horses and ponies- omega 3 supplementation in humans has shown to reduce the rate of cartilage degradation including associated pain and inflammation
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