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Loose Ring Snaffle XL Rings

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Loose ring hollow mouth jointed snaffles have long been regarded as one of the kindest bits to ride your horse in and a lot of youngsters are put into them after breaking. They have lost favour in the modern bitting world as more is now known about the horses mouth, and generally there is less room for a thick bit to sit comfortably. Larger horses with plenty of space for a bit may find this bit comfortable, and it can be useful for the rider if the horse occasionally tries to get his tongue over the bit, and prefers a lighter weight bit. This Hollow Racing bit features bigger rings than a normal loose ring snaffle, these measure approx. 4" in diameter.

Loose Ring Hollow Jointed Race Snaffle features:
  • Hollow thick jointed mouthpiece with standard nutcracker action
  • Large rings approx 4" in diameter
  • Bit strength: fairly mild