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Science Supplement Skin & Coat

Science Supplement Skin & Coat

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  • Supports a glowing coat and healthy skin
  • Ideal for horses with poor, damaged or sensitive coat and skin
  • 1.47Kg approx one month supply

Science Supplements Skin & Coat is a nutritional supplement to support a healthy coat and skin. The skin is the largest organ in the body and is not only responsible for the control of body temperature and production of Vitamin D from sunlight but it must also protect the horse from environmental factors. These include sunlight, insects, bacteria, moulds, fungi and atmospheric pollutants such as ozone, nitrogen and sulphur dioxides. Frequent washing also increases the risk of flaking and skin infections.

Skin & Coat contains 13 different essential nutrients to support a healthy coat and skin, including Omega 3 fatty acids which promote both a shiny coat and healthy skin and have been shown in scientific studies to help animals with insect bite sensitivity. Other essential ingredients for healthy coat and skin include zinc which can increase hair growth, MSM as a source of sulphur which in turn is a building block for the protein keratin, a central component of both hair and skin and also biotin which has also been shown to stimulate keratin production by skin cells also contains high levels of antioxidant Vitamins C and E which have been shown to be reduced in a range of skin conditions.

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