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Shapley’s Equitone Colour Enhancing Shampoo

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Shapley's EquiTone Shampoo is a one step premium shampoo and conditioner that adds rich, brilliant colour as it cleans and conditions.

Equitone shampoo adds vibrancy and vitality to the horse's hair imparting a natural color and a brilliant shine. It is a must for rejuvenating sun damaged or body clipped hair and adding dimension and highlights to dull, dried out coats, manes and tails.

Shapley's EquiTone enriches the natural color of the horse. The Whitening shampoo adds an optical brightness to all coat colors as well as making white or gray coats stain free and sparkling white.

EquiTone Shampoo is easy to use. Add shampoo directly to wet coat, work in thoroughly, let sit for 10 minutes and then rinse off. Do not dilute the shampoo by adding it to a bucket of water.

EquiTone Shampoo comes in four colors: Red for chestnuts, red bays and sorrels, Gold for palominos and buckskins, White for grays and light coats and Black for dark bays, browns and blacks.