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Sweet meadow alfalfa plus 18kg

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Alfalfa Plus

Alfalfa is naturally LOW in starch & sugar and high in quality digestible fibre.

Contains a broad spectrum vitamin & mineral supplement & herbs.

With added linseed oil.

Feeding linseed oil can be beneficial to horses who are prone to laminitis, tying up, colic, sweet itch and other skin and coat conditions. Linseed oil is naturally high in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which the horse cannot manufacture themselves so should be present and readily available in the diet.

Can be fed as a complete concentrate feed for horses in light to medium work OR added to an existing diet as required.

Nutritional Information 

Oil 6 %  Protein 11 %  Fibre 21.5 %  Ash 12.5 %

Vitamin A iu 11060iu     Vitamin D3 1843iu     Vitamin E 50iu